Allowed bakery products

Islam-compliant foods - not just for Muslims.
Around 4 million Muslims live in Germany and the market for food conforming to Islam is correspondingly large. In our halal theme world, you will find everything for customers who consistently eat the Islamic dietary rules.

"Halal" (Arabic: allowed) are foods that contain neither pork nor pig-derived products (e.g. gelatin). In addition, halal foods and their ingredients (e.g. flavorings) must be alcohol-free. Also for the production facilities special rules apply, such as the renunciation of alcoholic cleaning agents.

By the way: DEH offers many other baked goods that comply with the dietary requirements in principle, but have not passed through the appropriate certification. These are identified in the product specifications as follows:

"Contains no porcine ingredients or products, including gelatin and L-cysteine derived from pork, no meat *, and no alcohol, including flavors of flavoring. No animal-based greases are used in the production and no alcoholic cleaning agents are used."

* Excluding meat processed according to religious principles and guidelines. 



Art.-No.: 0774Börek minced meat
oven ready, 180 gUnits per carton 55 // 9,90 kg63 Cartons per palette
35 % filling
Börek minced meat
Halālraw dough
ca. 180 °C
0,4 l
ca. 25 Min.
5 Min.
ATV:Please contact our application consultant
Art.-No.: 1256Börek stick with minced meat filling
oven ready, 100 gUnits per carton 100 // 10 kg63 Cartons per palette
35 % filling
Börek stick with minced meat filling
raw doughHalāl
ca. 180 °C
0,4 l
ca. 25-30 Min.
5 Min.
Art.-No.: 1025Chicken roulade
proved, 165 gUnits per carton 80 // 13,20 kg40 Cartons per palette
30 % chicken
Chicken roulade
ca. 60 Min.
ca. 190 °C
0,4 l
ca. 16-18 Min.
5 Min.