Enjoyment with a clear conscience

The vegan diet is on the rise. More and more people refrain from foods containing animal products such as milk or eggs. Accordingly, the supply and turnover of vegan food has grown in recent years. For this demanding customer group, DEH offers a vegan range of bakery products made exclusively from pure vegetable ingredients.

Art.-No.: 1715Heartshaped roll with seeds
half baked, 90 gUnits per carton 30 // 2,70 kg48 Cartons per palette
12 % seeds
Heartshaped roll with seeds
VeganClean LabelExclusive by DEH
ca. 180 °C
ca. 12 - 14 Min.
Art.-No.: 2533Snack with spinach and cheese
proved, 125 gUnits per carton 35 // 4,38 kg80 Cartons per palette
28 % spinach and cheese filling
Snack with spinach and cheese
ca. 30 - 60 Min.
230 °C
ca. 17 - 20 Min.